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Playing Online Keno Game

Playing Keno is not complicated because the rules and strategy are very simple. That's why the game has become so popular. Everyone can play keno and have fun waiting for the winning keno numbers to be drawn.If you play Keno in the online casino, the rules may differ slightly from casino to casino, but in essence they stay the same.Players must choose keno numbers on their keno carte. You can either choose a number or the maximum number of numbers you are allowed. Now you make a bet and the higher the bet, the higher the payout, as with all casino games.After you have selected the keno numbers and made your bet, the online casino software will randomly draw numbers and check if any of the numbers you have drawn are previously selected by you.

The more of the selected numbers are drawn, the higher your profit. You can also play with the same keno numbers a few rounds in a row. In most online casinos, there are settings for how long you want your numbers to be played or whether you want to pick new ones each round.In some online casinos you have to have at least 3 correct ones before you even qualify for a payout and in some others 2 are already enough.Keno became very popular because the rules of the game are very simple and it does not require complicated strategy planning.In a regular casino, 20 keno numbers are marked on a keno carte. The keno numbers go from 1 to 80. After the players have picked which numbers to mark and place their bets, 20 balls are drawn from a drum or a random computer.

The payout depends on how many keno numbers were selected by the player and how high the bet was on how many marked numbers were actually drawn in the specific round.The game consists of 4 steps: selection of numbers, stakes, draw of numbers and the result.If you play keno in the online casino, you will find variations. In some online casinos you can choose up to 15 numbers and in others only up to 10. In online casinos you can not choose 20, so you should familiarize yourself with the rules in your respective casino before you start playing.Keno is a lottery-based gambling game, but there are a few tips we can take to help you have a great time at the online casino and increase your chances of winning.Always separate and stick to a fixed amount for your single game. Playing Keno in a regular casino can take a lot of time, but is very fast in the online casino.

Make sure you place your bets appropriately on your player account, so you can benefit from the game longer.Spread your bets The keno numbers range from 1 to 80. Make sure you spread your keno numbers across the range of keno numbers and do not tend to high or low numbers. The keno numbers are chosen by a random number generator and the probability that all numbers are between 1 to 20 or 60 to 80 is very small. They will be more spread across the width.Check the House Advantage is not always wise to choose the maximum number of keno numbers. Check if the house edge changes if you choose a smaller number of numbers. It may be better to play fewer numbers for smaller bets, the payouts may be smaller, but they will suit your mission.If you have favorite numbers that you always play with - stick to those keno numbers! You'll hate yourself if you suddenly switch numbers and win your old keno numbers.

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