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About Dungeon ToD-Crystal Empire-Tree of Kenai

Guide Wiki

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Posted 03 December 2016 - 11:37 PM

Hello D'Lunatics

Now i will explain about Dungeon

-ToD (Tower of Death)

-Crytal Empire

-Tree of Kenai


How can i enter it ?

first Form a party , Just form a party , you don't need people/player to join your party, all you need to do here is FORM A PARTY nigga !


What kind of challange do i got in dungeon ToD ?

-You will fight several mobs with high damage and its really stressful if you don't have good equipments

About how to complete the challange in ToD dungeon, i will make a video guide about that so please be patient



What kind of challange do i got in Dungeon Crytal Empire ?

- there are plenty of challange in here

Like wandering around dungeon to kill boss crystal <_<

And completing some Puzzle in puzzle room , if im not mistake there are 8/6 rooms on there i forget :lol:

Anyway you need to kill Boss Horde in this dungeon to SPAWN the BIG BOSS and ofc completing some puzzle too

Crystal Empire have 3 diffrent diffuculty from Beginner - Intermediate (BUG) - Advance

well the choice is yours, feel free to rampage on there

Here Video how to Completing puzzle room on there





What kind of challange do i got in Dungeon Tree of Kenai ?

-You will fight horde of stupid monkey or a bear or a legendary bigfoot or maybe they are a big squirl, i dont know too, what kind of mobs they are,.. anyway they will fight like an idiot with their dancing street and jumping around you, and make you stress because of


if you go there with your standart equipments + you are alone , well be prepare to die near that mobs who dancing near your dead body.

About how to complete the challange in Tree of Kenai dungeon, i will make a video guide about that so please be patient




Well thats all.

thanks for reading this




your friend in blueland.


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