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Basic Guide ( Crafting-Fishing-Cooking-Housing-DD )

Guide Decade Luna Basic Beginner

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Posted 26 October 2016 - 07:30 AM

In this Post i will explain about :

                   - Crafting Items
                   - Fishing
                   - Cooking
                   - Prepare/Buff House
                   - Date Match or DD


You know to get more –chance sucess- in game for pass time, and sucess to survival is good to hunt materials and buy other materials to create news items cause those items will give  you buff to balance you char.

Your char will more stronger depending on

- Equipaments

- Items comsumable

- Poinst in your stats

- Buff

- And GGWP Hand in combat battle :rolleyes:



First about : Crafting


You know with the power/effect from equipments and a good stats, will balance your own  char ...

Well ,..
At least you need hunt some materials and search items you looking for

example : You search and want some weapon : Cyclop Sword 1 hand, and look you char is accept weapon, is think:” it cool, perfect for my char magnus” /  than analyse materials and good lucky create.

                   Only click S, and in tab ACTIONS you click, search icon Crafting, after that check  options and list items
               1 - You have any item in mind, you put name direct in bar white, how show in image
               2 - if you do not know what name item is, only need select FIRST category 1 after select Category 2: example: my item this Category 1 = Weapon / Category 2 = Sword , after only rolling is bar to look items listed in base you search |3-after you put number for quantity for create | Each Item Crafting(more Body, Hand, Boots and Weapon) get Bonus stats(STR, DEX, INT, WIS and VIT)



                   Ah! You try get one of the items and pull the white bar  to search fast, each material search items disponible for ONLY MATERIAL u put in white bar.

Example: You drag piece of sapphira and put white bar, and show > Purified Sapphira, and good lucky for crafting

                   You buy any materials with Azazel and Wissy
                   Note: You need Blue Piece or Purple Piece(DROP only Crystal Empire) for change it with Wissy to buy any “core” to craft any items Line Revision (Blue Piece | Lvl 134) or Cyclop (Purple Piece | lvl 139)


Second about : Fishing


                   “Hahahahaha, is a good time to fishing”
Who never try fishing to get fish and change or use in other ?
Well is easy to fishing, only need to go location Alker Farm, ask NPC-Fishercat > Trade, after you buy Item with name Beginner Rod, because you is “first” need more points for get others items, equip with fishrod and select “points”(have effect aura) you click Fishing, after open this Window, where write Balt, you put worm, after click this Icon(where have circle) and wait, you can clck CTRL to get more change to get any fish, but is no very need, after you is tired, you click again or esc for cancel.
For get more points to change any items, to go NPC Fishercat, and click Fishing Point Exchange, and you put only fish you get and click exchange, and get points for trade more later


1. Fishercat Shop



2. Fishing 





Third about : Cooking


                   You think now:

“Why exist system cook? Is very desnecessary!”, ha! You is think, have items consumable, here, in system cooking is can help you, get more stats, only need patient.
                   Info: in tab, Chief show you info basic, after low(beginner), mid(intermed), high(advance), Top(Master). Mid, High, Top, need buy item in Item Mall.
                   1 - Title: you position
                   2 - Cooking Ratings: you classification
                   3 - Prepared: How much cooking
                   4 - Used: How much you eat
                   5 - Fire: how much you used camp fire(in click for create camp fire)
                   6 - List disponible, for cook in base classification
                   7 - Details: is recipes for cook, you buy any ingrients with npc Master Chief. Note: Minimum, Required Skill(0) Refer this what you Prepared and request for to prepare next cook, Maximum Increase Proficiency(50), is value to get max point EXP in cook, after no get nothing exp, only food
                   8 - is much you prepare food


1. Location




2. Cooking Shop




3. Cooking



Four about : Preparing House

                   “Home, Sweet Home !”

is good have change to create and explore you imagination for prepare one house.

well, you know have buff house ? No? You no heard? Than is good, you know now.

Here, look this, you can buy with NPC – Jr.Alfred, is items packs, have much items to costume you house(i know you kno, but have any no have idea about is) but FIRST: need Register  this Celebrian, to create ID for char(after i ask about is)

After you create ID char, you ask Jr Alfred for <Create New Residence>, you put any name for how call you house, after click trade buy items.

After get items, you click <Enter House>(you need seal, mount or jokings to enter)

Now you have in House, you look, have window open write house storage, you double click in item pack house(you need very space in Inventory), after you drag Inv > House Storage, for register item, after you click Decoration Mode, you vision have effect blue, than is actived decoration mode, you double click item IN HOUSE STORAGE, and pass free mouse and put anywhere, each item, you get Points(Shop Point, only look description item)


After you costumized house, you click again in decoration mode for disable, In window where, show name house, visits and one icon Letter P, is window for open list buff house, and left show Points, is points have opportunity for unlock any buffs, and where you look star is points disponible for buy any buff house, reset each day
“boring is not have change to cooking in house, because is system proibid, why? Why for any player not have experiencce to cause burn in house, hahahahaha, joking!”


 1. Location




2. House point and shop





Five About – Date Match or DD

After you register with Celebrian, you Nick show in All player:
<Nick> welcome [...]
Click D, show you little info and much options, is the window = DD, and DD where you get more exp and leveling fast(lvl 1 to 105 or near 110 in event exp and one date match)
Warning: Have Block IP, for not enter in DD with same IP, i no know, but alright.
In box Blue show list nickname have registered with Celebrian, you can search any players
In Box Red, show you info basic
when you find, partner, you click Date!, and wait for responser othe player or you receive any invite, and ask first, before to accept and enter DD and always is lvl low( \o/ is bad and lost Ticket), is ticket reset per day.
Caution: You char is Male you need put or accept look first in Prizes(how show image is window) in 100% near icon boy, or you char is Female, you need put or accept look First in prizes in 100% near icon Girl, for receive 100% exp for you or you partner. Example: You char is male, and any player is female need help leveling you put 100% in icon girl for you partner leveling fast, or You char is Male need help leveling, and have partner female , you need look and accept if 100% near icon Boy(refer you char)
After lvl 105 is hard to leveling only DD, need to go leveling “common”(killing monster in open map)




@Regard Izara

Sorry for l*ck english , english is not my native language

But at least we try :D

Edited by Hachiko, 14 March 2017 - 09:43 AM.

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