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Guide To Be Iron Wall Paladin

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#1 orrions


    I`M Learning!

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Posted 24 December 2015 - 04:01 AM

Hello Everyone in Blueland ... This is Guide for u if u wanna Defensive side of work or maybe u wanna look dmg just 1 to you or yaa everything about defence .. if u wanna this this is guide u must be watch in .. Be Paladin is need more Patience because its really Hard To Level Up so need some friend to party or u goona Dying hahahhaahaha and of course u need Lot of money to build as Strong as Wall if u wanna be great  Paladin *LoL
But This Guide is complete yet baby .. Feel Free to ask or give some opinion just tell me :)
Meet Me Tadachan
Q.What should be my stat build
A. Go Pure VIT , oh ya and also GO PURE VIT u are tanker not hitter dude

Q. What should my Stats on my Equipment should have Produce ? Reinforce ? Philosopher ?
A. Produce = Vit . Reinforce = Vit , Philosopher= Vit or Str or if u already enough to vit craft some wisdom to m.deff

Q. What Class should i choose elf or human
A:GO human for higher physical attack and GO Elf for more defense
But im gonna choose Elf since i wanna in defence line
-VERY High Physical Defense
-Mental Vortex (up to 23% Matk) for buffing magical DPS
-High block rate at lvl 75
-INT Based attacks at 75
-Level 20 HAE
-Highest level Doom Burst (46% Reflect)
-Highest HP Multiplier of 105
-5 more HP recovery than The Sharp Shield
-Perfect Tanker Vocationals

-VERY low damage out put
-Low Magical defense
-Low MP (you wont use much mp tanking
-Capability of soloing - Minimal

Keep It Pure Line : Guard-Infant-Phalanx-Paladin
become paladin u just focus on ur defence so choose everything for Defence like :
1. Heavy Armor Exper [pasive]
2. Mace protection for add defence [pasive] (u can get it after u become paladin or Lord im Forget about it)
3. Defence Stance [pasive]
4. Solid Shield [Buff]
5. Doom Burst [Buff]
6. Shield Aura (u cant get this at become lord at 145)
7. Shield barier [Buff]
8. Atract Circle (Its a must)
9. Mental Vortex [Buff]
10. Last Will (u cant get this at become lord at 145)
11. Chaos (u cant get this at become lord at 145)
12. Body Slam (u cant get this at become lord at 145)
13. Deep Risen Spin (Keep It Lvl 1 to suck monster keep near you)
14. Earth Rupture (Dont Need it but if u are curious n rich enough u can get it hahaha)


For Weapon :

Choose 1hd of course Shield n mace this is a must u can denial or everything in ur opinion, mace can give add defence stat based on pasive skill i mention before.. enchant shield +7 or +8 or maybe +20


For Armor :

Lvl 1 - 100 just use free armor from box

105 and 120 : u must craft it n get +7 or +8 or as good as u can n philo vit

If u are rich enough buy legend armor is realy helpfull for tanking but if dont wanna u cant craft it n enchant as good as u can :3


For Acc :

Legend Chival for necklace if u have it , if u dont just acc with vit

Ring n Acc dunno what im using acc craft 120 n philo with VIT n also search acc for EVA to if u cant tanking with ur VIT is a must


For Leveling :

i suggest DD ,, u can reach lvl 105 or more after all

105 - 120 : at elpus foght some fish or dtf2 mino

120-140 : Mino or at Earth Twisted (forgot name of monster)

140-145 : Hero's Cave Fight some Cow

145-161 : Hero's Cave Fight Rodent or GB with high level at Gate Dragon Cave

161-xxx : Gate Dragon Cave


My Paladin still lvl 147 with Armor 120 +7 all off VIT Opt n Philo Vit all of VIT weapon acc etc..


This Is Some ScreenShoot For my Paladin

Without Shield barier



With Shield Barier




HP Before PVP


if cant see click the image or yaa my hp is 61400



become 614000



OK Thats it i can Share about  my Paladin Hope u enjoy it

really thx who give opinion or something about my Paladin



Tadachan For BlueLand





dunno why if im using spoiler it cant open ==a

Edited by orrions, 24 December 2015 - 04:07 AM.

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#2 Viewer_Yayalin_*

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Posted 29 December 2015 - 05:09 PM

nice guide ,, but do you ever use your char and tanking in high lvl map such as GDC? i am not sure pdef tanking able to stand against the high lvl monster unless you have 160legend set, 155acc set with +20 enchant maybe..

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