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A Basic Guide to Death Knight

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#1 SkyRazor


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Posted 11 December 2015 - 10:14 PM

Firstly, I would like to note I will make a much more detailed version of this guide in the future when I complete my end game gear.


Path: Warrior-Mercenary-Gladiator-Destroyer-Death knight.

Why? Because this path gives you the maximum crit and patk passive bonus.

You also do not gain anything valuable by choosing any other path.

Leveling guide: follow my boosting guide or get boosted by me ingame.

( I'm literally at the keyboard 16 hours a day nerding out, i'm sure I have time to help everyone who hasn't got their foot in the door yet.)


Attack skills for low levels: Fearful Blow max

                                       Uppercut(Earthquake) max

                                       High caliber shot max.

(These are your three hardest hiitting AoE attacks below Earths burn unlocked at level 149.)

Order of power: Earths burn>High caliber shot>Fearful Blow>Earthquake


Attack skills when prerequisite stats are met: Only Earths burn and High caliber shot.

( you can basically 1-2 hit any normal mobs with these skills in PvE.)


Passive skills:2H training level 30

                     Musket training level 30

                     Rage burst level 15

                     Offensive stance level 15

                     Heavy weapon accuracy (optional)

(Rage burst does work for muskets.)

Buff skills:Fighters heart level 8

               Solid weapon level 5

               Noseuperatu level 6

               Rapid fire (optional)

(At lower levels or if you lack patk and need three attack skills, do not buy rapid fire or heavy weapon accuracy.)


Stat allocation varies greatly, nobody can solely build off of a stat build alone.

In fact, you will change your stat build depending on the gear you can obtain.

Ideal stats to maintain for GDC: 100 crit, 190 eva, 19,500 physical attack, 250 attack speed, 225+ movement speed.


You can obtain these stats with a mediocre set as long as you can get a +12 Shining musket.









Side note: I'm not including many things in this guide because as it stands phys classes are absolutely terrible and impossibley hard to build in comparison to mage classes right now. (That and I don't have a fully end game DK with normal equips.)

All in all, before level 165 DK will not be very strong without completely over powered equipment.

That is the level which you will max high caliber shot and earth burns and reach maximum skill damage potential.


Last note: the basis of this build is in fact the strongest phys class in the game for PvE and overall damage capabilities.


Have fun!

Edited by SkyRazor, 13 December 2015 - 02:04 AM.

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