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Guide Magnus Full Damage

guide magnus fighter damage

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#1 Robocop


    I`M Learning!

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Posted 23 October 2015 - 04:32 AM

Greeting everyone,

welcome to my first ever guide to "Full Damage Magnus" (Elf only)


RED = Damage focus

GREEN = Defense focus



To me Magnus is a very popular job in Luna. It is because Magnus is a very flexible class and can be very unique.

Magnus can use [1/h sword + shield] , [1/h sword-duel wield] , [2/h sword] or even [1/h axe duel-wield] if you are hardcore enough.

This guide will follow the most popular path of Magnus which is: 1/h sword-duel wield Full Damage magnus 

Before i start this guide i would like to tell you if you want to duel wield, it is better for you to do it after you hit level 125.





-High damage

-Can both tank and do damage

-Lead the party very well

-Awesome in PvP & war

-Looks Badass!!!




-very hard to build (need lots of sp)

-require a lot of item to be able to solo level fast

-spend more time in the dungeon than other classes




This path is literally Kirito from Sword Art Online with the costume equipped.









- Full STR (recommended if have good eva+ items)

- 3 STR , 2 DEX (recommended if don't have any eva+)


This is my stat with [+12 WU set full eva+ (+Dex no philo) & x2 +7 Cyclops Sword ] on




Skill build



Fighter (use sword + shield)


-Strike attack (Max)

-Deep Risen Spin (Max)

-one-hand training (Max)

-sword training (Max)

-fighter's heart (Max)




Warrior (You won't have a lot of attack skill but lvl 25-40 will be a very fast leveling)

-Deep Risen Spin (Max)

-Fighter's heart (Max)

-Vital power up (Max)




-Sonic boom (Max)
-Sword Storm (Max)
-One-Handed Training (Max)

-Deep Risen Spin (Max)
-Sword Training (Max)

-Fighter's heart (Max)



-Sword Storm (Max)

-Sonic Boom (Max)

-Sword Training

-Solid Weapon (Max)

-Fighter's Heart (Max)

-One-Handed Training

-Shield Edge (Max)

-Deep Risen Spin (Max)


Magnus (use free re-skill here)

-Sonic Boom (Max)

-Sword Storm (Max)

-Accuracy Aura (Max)

-Shield Aura (Max)
-Rampage Aura

-Deep Risen Spin (Max)

-One-Handed Training(Max)

-Attract Circle (if have good eva or good PDef)



Duel wield skill (level up if choose to duel wield)

-Dual Wield Training (Max)

-Dual Wield Expertise (Max)

-Dual Blow (Max)

-Sonic Blast (Max)


Arch Templar 

-Blade Fury (Max) [AOE]

-Vein Crush (Max) [Amazing pvp skill]

-Rune Impact (Max)[Amazing pvp skill]

-Port on Proxy (Max)[cost no sp]

-Warrior Form (Max)

-Earth Burn [AOE] (Max)


Bread & Butter Skills


This is some of the most useful skill for Magnus to have


Sonic Boom - Long range high damage skill (Good for leveling and pvp)











Sword Storm - AOE medium damage skill (Good for leveling )









Deep Risen Spin - AOE medium damage skill (Good for leveling & helping party members)

(pulls enemy towards you so be careful)






Blade Fury - AOE HIGH damage skill (Good for leveling)









Vein Crush -  Short-ranged high damage stun skill also lower cast speed by 20%(Excellent for pvp)





Rune Impact -  Short-Ranged Medium-Low damage stun skill (Good for pvp)
















level 1 - 120


-Items from Level up gift box and Decade Gift box will do just fine.

-If you have a lot of money you can also buy rare 1/h and sword from npc named Tasartia or craft the level 110 Glimmering sword(x2)



level 120-134

-Now if you are an full damage Magnus you will wanna craft Conquerors Fourth Set  and enchant it to +7. 

-If you have Ppoint you can buy Eva+ Philosopher stone and philo your set.

-Craft level 120 Glimmering Onyx Sword(x2) and enchant them to +7.

-Play enough Decade slot machine to get Wing 777 .(it's not that hard to get)

-All Accessories from the npc and enchant it, philo eva if have enough money.


When you are allowed into the The Ancient Empire dungeon get in there and FARM!

collect "Modified blue piece" & "Modified purple piece" as many as possible(drop from the final boss)

use these pieces to buy "Elemental Fix: Sword" and " Modified Schematic" from npc name: Wissy

Craft x2 Revision forgotten sword and when you collect enough purple piece, craft x2 Cyclops Sword and make it to +7


         You will need to repeat the dungeon for about 20 times to craft two Cyclops Sword.


End Game Items:

To tell you the truth, I haven't got all End Game items yet :(


Mu Set(full eva) Or Assassins Master Set (full eva) (I've never seen someone with this set before)


+15 Key Blade (eva or PA)(x2) 

+15 level 155 earing and ring set(eva or PA)



Kagamine   Wind/Earth

SAO           Wind/Earth




If you want to pvp a lot, consider exchanging some of your philo eva+ or pa+  to strike+





That's it!

Thank you so much for reading my first guide, if you want more guide you can request me at any time.

Have fun playing Luna!

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#2 Police



  • Decacians
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Posted 23 October 2015 - 04:40 AM

Nice Guide!But for the WU set it is really expensive,some players dont know how to make it and where can they got DARK WATER ,since u have experience on making WU set could you give a guide how to make the set and where can they collect the items??

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#3 Robocop


    I`M Learning!

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Posted 23 October 2015 - 06:06 AM

Nice Guide!But for the WU set it is really expensive,some players dont know how to make it and where can they got DARK WATER ,since u have experience on making WU set could you give a guide how to make the set and where can they collect the items??


I'll considered in making a guide for it later!

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#4 Administrator



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Posted 24 October 2015 - 03:13 AM

Nice one.. :)

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#5 Robocop


    I`M Learning!

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  • 6 posts

Posted 24 October 2015 - 08:01 AM

Nice one.. :)

Thank you!

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#6 Human


    I`M Learning!

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Posted 04 November 2015 - 09:17 AM

good one

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#7 Kinz


    I`M Learning!

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Posted 04 June 2016 - 01:44 AM

nice guide

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